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The Next Step In Fraud Claim Analysis

Enabling better claim decisions with location-based evidence

Let Data Free You of Illegitimate Fraud Claims

By using your user's authorized location data we can provide the evidence you need to determine the validity of a fraud claim and help you feel more confident when providing your customers with final credits.

Data Science Acceleration

Bringing data science to the world of risk management. Helping the banking industry make better risk management decisions through location data processing.

Authorized User Data

By only using already authorized data and by not storing any user PII, financial institutions can quickly adopt Intelocus without changes to their Terms of Service and/or Privacy Notices.

Location Data Evidence

Using GIS/IPG Data  Intelocus provides fraud investigators with evidence of a user's device location enabling better informed claim decisions.

Compliance with
Reg E

Intelocus returns device location data quickly, allowing investigators to make decisions well within Regulation E time-frames

Unprecedented Protection. Impeccable Value.

Protect your customer's deposits and enhance your value by minimizing credits to illegitimate fraud claims. User device location data can provide fraud investigators with the crucial evidence they need to validate a fraud claim protecting your institution and customers alike.


Intelocus does not seek to burden fraud investigators with extra systems to learn nor increase their workload. Intelocus keeps user experience as a core requirement, it is simple to use. Simply fill out the form and submit it. Intelocus will quickly provide a map and list of device locations in a easy to read interface. 


Intelocus seeks to increase fraud investigator efficiency by providing them more evidence. With increased evidence an investigator can be more confident in their decisions. Increased confidence enables them to process the claim faster leading to more claims processed over time.

Let Intelocus Help Your Team Minimize Loses to Illegitimate Fraud Claims

Get in touch with our location intelligence experts today to help you make the most informed fraud decisions.

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